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Dr. Martha Neuringer

Dr. Martha Neuringer indignantly claims that her research is "humane."

But what she refuses to tell you….

what her victims can’t tell you….

will break your heart.

"I have seen many heartbreaking incidents of cruelty during my ten years of veterinary practice, but few compare to the suffering imposed by Martha Neuringer’s experimentation of these innocent, defenseless babies."
--Sherri Speede, DVM

"Dr. Neuringer’s current research requires infant monkeys to consume diets that are deficient in fatty acids to prove a point that is already well understood by experts in pediatric nutrition. To demonstrate a fact in an animal model that is already established by human clinical data can only be seen as self-aggrandizing, avaricious attempt to procure grant funds."
--Ken Stoller, M.D., FAAP Pediatrician

"Dr. Neuringer’s research involving feeding a deficient diet to infant monkeys will only demonstrate what is already known, or will reach inappropriate conclusions about human brain function based on data collected from animals kept under unnatural, deprived laboratory conditions. It is an example of how to waste our valuable tax dollars."
--Robert A. Greenberg, M.D., MSPN, FAAP Pediatrician

For the past 19 years, Martha Neuringer, a researcher with Oregon Health Sciences University, has been terrorizing and killing infant rhesus monkeys in nutritional deprivation experiments at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center.

Dr. Neuringer adamantly denies that she treats her monkeys in a "cruel or cavalier" manner. However, she herself has described the infants in her experiments as suffering from severe emotional and psychological stress, as well as prolonged diarrhea, before she eventually kills them to examine their eves and brains.

Neringer forcibly removes the infant monkeys form their mothers on the day they are born to house them alone in steel cages. Because rhesus monkeys are among the most social of all primates, the price in terror and suffering to these babies and their mothers is impossible to overstate.

The mothers grieve for the loss of their babies for days. The infants’ stress, terror and depression are manifested in constant rocking swaying: continued clutching at themselves: and self-mutilation.

To compound the abuse, Dr. Neuringer drills holes into the skulls of some of the babies to remove pieces of their brains. They endure painful recovery from these brain surgeries as many as four times before they are killed at or before 3 years of age.

Neuringer attempts to justify her cruel experiments by proposing to answer what describes as a "remaining critical question": Do human babies really need the preformed long-chain fatty acids present in human breast milk?

Based on these recommendations, European and Japanese companies have already started adding these long-chain fatty acids to their infant formulas.

In 1991-three years before proposing to abuse more monkeys at taxpayer expense-Neuringer herself wrote, "Ideally, the fat content and fatty acid composition of infant formulas should resemble human milk. This objective seems reasonable and technologically feasible."

Dr. Neuringer’s fatty acid experiments are consistent with her long history of isolating and killing infant monkeys to confirm already-known nutritional effects. This can clearly be seen in her earlier taurine deprivation "research."

In 1984, formula manufacturers began adding taurine to their products. In 1987, Neuringer herself confirmed, "Taurine supplementation of most commercial infant formulas was instituted in 1984 or 1985." Yet, even after making this statement, Neuringer proceeded to torment and kill at least 60 baby monkeys to "further strengthen the case" for feeding infants taurine a case that had already been made.

In 1993-nine years after companies began adding taurine to their infant formulas-Neuringer, after describing an experiment in which she had killed 25 baby monkeys, actually wrote that"[I]t remains prudent to supplement human infant formula with taurine levels matching those of human milk."

And Dr. Neuringer just can’t understand why reasonable people object.

Please join us now in our efforts to stop her cruel, lethal and unnecessary experiments. She is using our tax dollars to continue this barbarity. We have a right and a moral obligation to say NO… to her…. To her academic institution….. to her federal funding agency.

Please help us expose and stop the shameful cruelty perpetrated by Martha Neuringer and Oregon Health Sciences University.

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