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The Horrific Monkey Experiments
of New York University

The Torture of Infant Monkeys

In the laboratory of NYU's Lynne Kiorpes, infant and adult macaque monkeys are experimented on, purportedly to study the developement of visual function. This research project has been recieving funding for 14 years. To date, Kiorpes has spent well over $1.5 million to make weak claims about human visual disorders.

Kiorpes and her associates surgically damage the vision of infant monkeys from 10 days to two months old. Some animals are killed after the first experiment. Others are subjected to a life of forces participation in "research" experiments, drugged and restrained study after study.

In order to coerce the monkeys to comply with testing trials, fluid deprivation is often used to keep them thirsty and motivated to participate. For every correct response the monkey is "rewarded" with a miniscule amount of diluted apple juice - one fifth of a teaspoon. IF a monkey answered one hundred trials correctly, he or she would still receive less than one ounce. Those who respond incorrectly receive a tone and no fluid. Imagine the psychological and physical torment of these frustrated helpless animals!

When the "researchers" experiment on infant monkeys, the infants' mothers have to be tranquilized in order to remove the babies for the experiments. These tiny babies are drugged and placed in stereotaxic frames. They have holes drilled in their heads and microelectrodes inserted into their brains. They are then subjected to 18 hours of electropysiological recordings. After the experiments they are killed and their brains dissected.

Other monkeys in the Kiorpes laboratory are subjected to electrical recording procedures of the brain that have lasted over four days without interruption. Yet other experiments "defocus" the vision of three week-old monkeys by the insertion of contact lenses that remain in place for periods of up to seven to ten months. The methods of these "researchers" are limited only by their crude imaginations.

Unnecessary as well as cruel

The "researchers" admit that they are studying "artificial" abnormalities, but they continue to perform these experiments year after year. The only thing demonstrated by these NYU studies is that monkey data differs from human data and that monkey studies are unnecessary for developing human treatment approaches.

Monkey studies generate only more unanswered questions and a need for further monkey studies. Vivisection is a lucrative industry, and institutions such as NYU have no incentive to discontinue it. This adds up to an endless cycle that keeps the researchers employed at the expense of taxpayers' dollars.

At the bottom of this ugly pyramid are the animals, suffering silently and intensely in their cages year after year. If it were up to the vivisectors like Lynne Kiorpes, these horrors would be kept hidden, behind the locked doors of "research" laboratories. Those of us who care about the innocent and voiceless victims of vivisection must speak out.

A history of Abuse

NYU has a long and embarrassing history of animal torture and abuse. It has been charged with almost 400 violations of the Animal Welfare Act and fined $450,000 by the USDA the largest fine ever.

NYU has given $2 million and 100 chimpanzees to infamous toxicologist Fred Coulston, known for his irresponsible and inhumane treatment of the hundreds of primates imprisoned at The Coulston Foundation. At least two NYU chimps have died since being handed over to Coulston.

Each year, NYU and NYU Medical Center experiment on more than 50,000 animals, collecting more than $100 million in federal funding for biomedical "research".

Recently, NYU waged a cover-up to hide construction of a new taxpayer -funded animal laboratory at Washington Square. Equally disturbing are NYU's efforts to retaliate against students and faculty who have spoken out against the abuses in the university's animal laboratories.

Invasive brain research conducted at NYU's Center for Neural Science typifies repetitive research that has been carried our for decades and, tragically, shows no sign of being stopped in the near future. A glaring example is the "research" of Lynn Kiorpes.

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