Take Action

Take Action for Animals in Labs!

What You Can Do

The tens of millions of animals who are burned, electrocuted, and addicted to drugs in laboratories each year in the name of science need your help. Here are easy ways that you can be a voice for animals used in experiments:

Organize a demonstration!

Join with other animal advocates and organize a demonstration to protest vivisection and promote humane alternatives at a college or university near you where research on animals is conducted. Small or large, your demonstration can help raise awareness about the suffering animals endure in laboratory experiments. IDA can provide you with posters, leaflets, and stickers for your event.


Order a supply of leaflets to leave in heavily trafficked areas - on the subway, in the doctor's office, in your cafeteria - anywhere someone will be likely to pick one up and learn more. You can also include them with your outgoing mail to educate recipients. View our materials.

Write a letter to the editor

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper informing readers that animal experimentation is an ineffective method of finding cures for human diseases, and that hundreds of millions of tax dollars and tens of millions of animal lives are wasted each year on animal research projects that do not lead to medical advances. Read our suggestions on writing an effective letter to the editor.

Organize a teach-in

Organize a teach-in. This can be a ten-minute presentation, followed by ten-minute video and a ten-minute question and answer period. Many weekly papers list such events in their events calendar and space may be reserved at libraries or community centers for free or a small fee.

Create a library display

Create a display in your local public library. Most libraries will allow local citizens free space to display leaflets, posters, books and other visual materials portraying the cruelty of vivisection. Use your imagination to create an eye-opening exhibit!

Get IDA's Primate Research PSA Aired on TV

IDA has a public service announcement (PSA) about the horrors of primate research featuring world-renowned primatologist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall. In the Primate Research PSA, Dr. Goodall makes a powerful case for compassion while shocking images of abused monkeys from an undercover investigation of the Oregon National Primate Research Center appear on the screen. View the Primate Research PSA. E-mail ida@idausa.org or call (415) 448-0043 to request a copy of the PSA.

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